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AINA 2009 Advance Program


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Monday, May 25, 2009


15:00 - 18:00   Registration in Atrium (Richmod Building) over light refreshment


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

08:30   Registration: Small Hall


09:30 - 10:00                                                                                                                      

AINA 2009 Opening Ceremony

Room: Great Hall 

10:00 - 11:00                           Keynote I                                                                       

Erol Gelenbe (Imperial College)

Improving QoS through Network Real-Time Measurement and Self-Adaption

Session Chair: David Duce (Oxford Brookes University)

Room: Great Hall 

11:00 - 11:30                           Tea/Coffee                                                                    


11:30 - 13:00                           Technical Sessions                                                    

AINA Session 1A: Performance Modelling and Evaluation 1

Session Chair: William Knottenbelt, Imperial College

Room: C7 


Evaluating the Performance of Network Protocol Processing on Multi-core Systems

Matthew Faulkner, Andrew Brampton and Steve Pink

Modeling Web Request and Session Level Arrivals

Xuan Wang and Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova

Predictive Simulation of HPC Applications

Simon Hammond, Jonathan Smith, Gihan Mudalige and Stephen Jarvis

Modelling Network Performance with a Spatial Stochastic Process Algebra

Vashti Galpin 

AINA Session 1B: Routing and Broadcast Mechanisms

Session Chair: Leonard Barolli, Fukuoka Institute of Technology

Room: C9 


An Evaluation of Routing Reliability in Non-Collaborative Opportunistic Networks

Ling-Jyh Chen, Che-Liang Chiou and Yi-Chao Chen

Parameterised Gradient Based Routing (PGBR) for Future Internet

Sasitharan Balasubramaniam and Dmitri Botvich

A New Counting Scheme for Multicast Broadcast Service with WiBro

Nak Beom Sung, Kyung Tae Kim, Bo Yle Jung and Hee Youn

Analyzing the Hold Time Schemes to Limit the Routing Table Calculations in OSPF Protocol

Mukul Goyal, Mohd Soperi, Hossein Hosseini, Kishor Trivedi, Aman Shaikh and Gagan Choudhury 

AINA Session 1C: Distributed and Parallel Systems

Session Chair: Shibata Yoshitaka, Iwate Prefectural University                             

Room: JSB


Real-time Task Assignment in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems with Rechargeable Batteries

Jian Lin, Albert Cheng and Rashmi Kumar

A Distributed Secure Virtual File System Using Hysteresis Signatures

Shin Tezuka, Hiroko Tomori, Ryuya Uda and Kenichi Okada

Quarc: a High-Efficiency Network on-Chip Architecture

Mahmoud Moadeli, Partha Maji and Wim Vanderbauwhede

Fair Scheduling with Multiple Gateways in Wireless Mesh Networks

Jason Ernst and Mieso Denko 

WAMIS Session 1: Context-Aware Mobile and Pervasive Systems

Session Chair:   Ghita Kouadri Mostefaoui, Oxford University

Room: C8


Enabling Mobility Between Context-Aware Smart Spaces

Gearoid Hynes, Vinny Reynolds, Manfred Hauswirth

Context-Aware SmartSpace: Reference Model

Alexander Smirnov, Alexey Kashevnik, Nikolay Shilov, Antti Lappetelainen,Sergey Boldyrev

Quality Aware Context Information Aggregation System for Pervasive Environments

Atif Manzoor, Hong-Linh Truong, Schahram Dustdar

Hybrid Context Matchmaking for Fast Context-aware Computing

Eun Sang Noh, Hyun Ko, Hee Yong Youn 

AASNET Session 1: Protocols in Ad hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks

Session Chair: Elhadi Shakshuki, Acadia University
Room: C30

Benchmarking Latency Effects on Mobility Tracking in WSNs

Richard Tynan, M.J. O’Grady, G.M.P.O’Hare, Conor Muldoon

A Range-Only Tracking Algorithm forWireless Sensor Networks

Evangelos B. Mazomenos, Jeffrey S. Reeve, Neil M. White

LIFT: An Efficient Cross-layer Service Discovery Protocol in MANET

Miguel Wister Ovando, Dante Arias Torres

Prioritized Buffer Management Policy for Wireless Sensor Nodes

Weihuan Shu, Kumar Padmanabh, Puneet Gupta 

SOCNE Session 1: SOA & Embedded Systems

Session Chair: Frank Golatowski, University of Rostock

Room: D42


Location-Transparent Integration of Distributed OSGi Frameworks and Web Services

Christoph Fiehe, Anna Litvina, Ingo Lück, Oliver Dohndorf, Jens Kattwinkel, Franz-Josef Stewing, Jan Kruger, Heiko Krumm

A Service-Oriented Platform for Pervasive Awareness Systems

Christos Goumopoulos, Achilles Kameas, Eric Berg, Ioannis Calemis

Services to the Field: An Approach for Resource Constrained Sensor/Actor Networks

Christian Buckl, Stephan Sommer, Andreas Scholz, Alois Knoll, Alfons Kemper, Jorg Heuer, Anton Schmitt

Differences and Commonalities of Service-Oriented Device Architectures, Wireless Sensor Networks and Networks-On-Chip

Guido Moritz, Claas Cornelius, Frank Golatowski, Dirk Timmermann, Regina Stoll 

QuEST Session 1: Performance

Session Chair:   Kin Fun Li, University of Victoria

Room: E59


Improving the Scalability of Communication-Aware Task Mapping Techniques

Raul Soriano, Juan M. Orduna

Quantitative Evaluation of Software Quality Metrics in Open-Source Projects

Henrike Barkmann, Rudiger Lincke, Welf Lowe

Modeling Multiprocessor Cache Protocol Impact on MPI Performance

Ghassan Chehaibar, Meriem Zidouni, Radu Mateescu

Quantifying Artifacts of Virtualization: A Framework for Mirco-Benchmarks

Chris Matthews, vonne Coady, Stephen Neville 

FINA Session 1: Agents and Intelligent Computing

Session Chair: Takuo Nakashima, Kyushu Tokai University

Room: F21


Fuzzy Communication Leading to Equilibrium through Possibility Messages

Takashi Matsuhisa                                          

An Integrated Information Sharing Structure of Resuscitation Data    

Kari Anne Thorsen, Trygve Eftestøl, Chunming Rong and Petter Andreas Steen.   

Real-time Minute Change Detection on GPU for Cellular and Remote Sensor Imaging

Sinan Kockara, Tansel Halic and Coskun Bayrak   

Preference Ordering in Agenda Based Multi-Issue Negotiation for Service Level Agreement  

Fahmida Abedin, Kuo-Ming Chao, Nick Godwin, Hisbel Arochena 

13:00 - 14:00                           Lunch                                                                           

14:00 - 15:30                            Technical Sessions                                                    

AINA Session 2A: Service Oriented Architecture

Session Chair: Zakaria Maamar, Zayed University

Room: C7


Business Compliance Governance in Service-Oriented Architectures

Florian Daniel, Fabio Casati, Vincenzo D'Andrea, Emmanuel Mulo, Uwe Zdun, Schahram Dustdar, Steve Strauch, David Schumm, Frank Leymann, Samir Sebahi, Fabien de Marchi, Mohand-Said Hacid

DAVO: A Domain-Adaptable, Visual BPEL4WS Orchestrator

Tim Dornemann, Markus Mathes, Roland Schwarzkopf, Ernst Juhnke and Bernd Freisleben

A Generic Database Web Service for the Venice Service Grid

Michael Koch, Markus Hillenbrand and Paul Muller

Trust Requirements in Identity Federation Topologies

Uwe Kylau, Ivonne Thomas, Michael Menzel and Christoph Meinel 

AINA Session 2B: Agents and Trust Management

Session Chair: Tomoya Enokido, Risho University

Room: C9


Combined On-line and Off-line Trust Mechanism for Agent Computing

Babak Khosravifar, Jamal Bentahar, Maziar Gomrokchi and Philippe Thiran

A Hybrid Layered Multiagent Architecture with Low Cost and Low Response Time Communication Protocol for Network Intrusion Detection Systems

Varsha Sainani and Mei-Ling Shyu

Mobile agents and their ontology serving a federated identity platform

Farah Layouni and Yann Pollet

Trust Management in Emergency Networks

Arjan Durresi, Mimoza Durresi, Vamsi Paruchuri and Leonard Barolli 

AINA Session 2C: Video Communication Technology

Session Chair: Rubem Pereira, Liverpool John Moores University

Room: JSB


An Efficient FEC Allocation Algorithm for Unequal Error Protection of Wireless Video Transmission

Yoong Choon CHANG

Adaptive FEC Algorithm Based on Prediction of Video Quality and Bandwidth Utilization Ratio

Jiao Feng, Chi Xuefen and Peng Li

Content-Adaptive Robust H.264/SVC Video Communications over 802.11e Networks

Dario Gallucci, Attilio Fiandrotti, Enrico Masala and Juan Carlos De Martin

Heterogeneous Error protection of H.264/AVC video Using

Ahmed Abdurrhman and Michael E. Woodward 

WAMIS Session 2: Agents and Services Computing

Session Chair: Wenny Rahayu, La Trobe University

Room: C8


Trust-based Cooperative Action Control in Multi-agent Systems for Network Management

Atsushi Terauchi, Osamu Akashi

Risk-Aware SLA Brokering using WS-Agreement

James Padgett, Karim Djemame, Iain Gourlay, Django Armstrong

Discovering Grid Resources and Deploying Grid Services Using Peer-to-Peer Technologies

Kay Dornemann, Bernd Freisleben

Social Network-based Trust for Agent-based Services

Jamal Bentahar, Babak Khosravifar, Maziar Gomrokchi 

AASNET Session 2: Application of Sensor Networks

Session Chair: Tarek Sheltami, King Fahd Univ. of Petroleum and Minerals
Room: C30

Automatic Monitoring for Workers Healthcare in Tropical Climates

Pablo Pancardo, Juan C. Duenas, Jorge A. Pardo

Analysis of Handoff Delay Components for Mobile IP-Based 3GPP UMTS/WLAN Interworking Architecture

Abdul-Aziz Al-Helali, Ashraf Mahmoud, Talal Al-Kharobi, Tarek Sheltami

Impact of Power Control in Wireless Sensor Networks Powered by Ambient Energy Harvesting (WSN-HEAP) for Railroad Health Monitoring

Hwee-Pink Tan, Zhi Ang Eu, Winston K. G. SeahInfocomm Research, Singapore 

SOCNE Session 2: Real-Time Services and Verification

Session Chair: Stephan Flake, Orga Systems

Room: D42


Mapping OWL-S processes to multi agent systems: A verification oriented approach

Monika Solanki, Alessio Lomuscio

Time-Predictable Reconfiguration with Contract-Based Resource Management

Marisol Garcia-Valls

A specification and tool for the configuration of REST Applications

Guilherme Gomes, Paulo Sampaio

Towards Distributed Composition of Real-Time Service-Based Applications

Iria Estevez-Ayres, Marisol Garcia-Valls, Pablo Basanta-Val


QuEST Session 2: System-Level Behaviour

Session Chair: Gert Pfeifer, TU Dresden

Room: E59


Understanding Behavioural Tradeoffs In Large-Scale Sensornet Design

Jonathan Tate, Iain Bate

The Rational for Developing Larger-scale 1000+ Machine Emulation-based Research Test Beds

Stephen Neville, Kin Fun Li

An MPI-based Application-level Distributed System Workload Generator

Chris Mueller, Michael Horie, Stephen Neville 

FINA Session 2: Security, Privacy, and Trust

Session Chair: Minoru Uehara, Toyo University

Room: F21


A Semantic Approach for Trust Information Exchange in Federation Systems

Zhengping Wu                        

Combating Typo-Squatting for Safer Browsing    

Guanchen Chen, Matthew Johnson, Pavan Marupally, Naveen Singireddy, Xin Yin and Vamsi Paruchuri

Web Site Management System through Private Information Extraction

Myungsil Choi and Kwang Seon Ahn 

15:30 - 16:00                           Tea/Coffee                                                                     

16:00 - 18:00                           Technical Sessions                                                    

AINA Session 3A: Communication Technology and Protocols 1

Session Chair: Hiroshi Shigeno, Keio University

Room: C7


Design of Q-ary Irregular RA codes

Wei Lin, Baoming Bai, Ying Li and Xiao Ma

Design of Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes Based on Euclidean Geometries

Yuan-Hua Liu and Xinmei Wang

Downlink Multi-user MIMO System Grouping Strategy Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Yongqiang Hei, Wen tao, Ke Chu and Xiaohui Li

ANFIS Based AQM Controller for Congestion Control

Rafe Alasem, Alamgir Hossain and Irfan Awan 

AINA Session 3B: Autonomic and Advanced Network Systems

Session Chair: Markus Aleksy, ABB Corporate Research Center

Room: C9


Probabilistic Network Fault-Diagnosis using Cross-Layer Observations

Anders Nickelsen, Jesper Gronbaek, Thibault Renier and Hans-Peter Schwefel

An Overlay Application-Layer Multicast Infrastructure

Daniel Uchoa, Samuel Kopp, Helcio Pimentel, Reinaldo Matushima and Regina Silveira

A Measurement Study on Peer Behaviors for a Pure P2P Network

Satoshi Ohzahata and Konosuke Kawashima

N-nary RAID: 3-resilient RAID based on an N-nary number

Katsuyoshi Matsumoto and Minoru Uehara 

AINA Session 3C: Internet Computing and Applications

Session Chair: Muhammad Younas, Oxford Brookes University

Room: JSB


Evaluation and Optimization of the Registrar Redundancy Handling in Reliable Server Pooling Systems

Thomas Dreibholz, Xing Zhou, Wencai Du and Erwin Rathgeb

A Pipelined IP Forwarding Engine with Fast Update

Yeim-Kuan Chang, Yen-Cheng Liu and Fang-Chen Kuo

DINCast: Optimizing Application-Level Shared-Tree Multicast

Huaqun Guo, LekHeng Ngoh and Lawrence Wai Choong Wong

A Fast and Memory Efficient Dynamic IP Lookup Algorithm Based on B Tree

Yeim-Kuan Chang and Yung Chieh Lin 

WAMIS Session 3: E-Business Systems and XML Technologies

Session Chair: Jamal Bentahar, Concordia University

Room: C8


A Cost Model for Efficient Business Object Replication

Michael Ameling, Bernhard Wolf, José Enrique Armendariz-inigo, Alexander Schill

Investigating Interactions Between Clients And Server in the Performance Analysis of Ecommerce Systems

D.R.W. Holton, I.U. Awan, M. Younas

Schema Mediation for Heterogeneous XML Schema Sources

Hong-Quang Nguyen, Wenny Rahayu, Kinh Nguyen, David Taniar

 XML Language-Oriented Processing with XLOP

         Antonio Sarasa-Cabezuelo, Bryan Temprado-Battad, Jose-Luis Sierra, Alfredo Fernandez-Valmayor 

AASNET Session 3: Energy-Aware, and Routing Protocol in Ad Hoc Sensor Networks

Session Chair: Tarek Sheltami, King Fahd Univ. of Petroleum and Minerals

Room: C30


A Dynamic Size Distributed Program Image Cache for Wireless Sensor Networks

Joshua Ellul, Kirk Martinez, David De Roure

Triangular Power Saving Routing Protocol with Power Balance in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Yi-Chao Wu, Chiu-Ching Tuan, Po-Chun Chen

Max Flow Multipath v Multi Shortest Path and Single Shortest Path: A Comparative Study

Ahmed Redha Mahlous, Brahim Chaourar, Mahmud Mansour 

SOCNE Session 3: Service-oriented architectures and Frameworks

Session Chair: Michael Ditze, University of Paderborn

Room: D42


Service Creation Environment for Business-to-Business Services

Lasch Rolf, Ricks Bjorn, Tönjes Ralf

A SOA-based Collaborative Environment for Clinical Trials on Neglected Diseases

Maria Beatriz Felgar de Toledo, Olga Nabuco, Marcos Rodrigues, Miriam Capretz, Marcelo Fantinato, Itana Gimenes, Diego Garcia, Rodrigo Bonacin, Ana Guerra, Tarcísio da Rocha, Laura Viana

Towards a Policy and Charging Control Architecture for Online Charging

Stephan Flake, Frank Bormann, Andre Braun, Juergen Tacken

A Service Oriented Platform for Health Services and Ambient Assisted Living

Andreas Hein, Marco Eichelberg, Oliver Nee, Arne Schulz, Axel Helmer, Myriam Lipprandt

Concurrency Programming Models in Mobile Real-Time Platforms

Marisol Garcia-Valls  

QuEST Session 3: Network Traffic and Topology

Session Chair: Stephen Neville, University of Victoria

Room: E59


TopDNS: Experiences Building Internet-based Topologies with GNP

Gert Pfeifer, Christof Fetzer

SSL-based Lightweight Security of IP-based Wireless Sensor Networks

Wooyoung Jung, Sungmin Hong, Minkeun Ha, Daeyoung Kim

A Graph-Theoretic Model of Routing Hierarchies

Yvonne Lai, Wai Sum Lai

Manipulation of Network Traffic Traces for Security Evaluation

Mohammed Gadelrab, Anas Abou El Kalam, Yves Deswarte 

FINA Session 3: Network Computing and Service Oriented Applications

Session Chair: Fatos Xhafa, Technical University of Catalonia

Room: F21


A New Approach to Model Web Services' Behaviors based on Synchronization    

Zakaria Maamar, Michael Sheng, Hamdi Yahyaoui, Jamal Bentahar and Khouloud Boukadi

Matching Model for Semantic Web Services Discovery        

Alireza Zohali, Kamran Zamanifar and Naser Nematbakhsh

The Network Service Platform for Real-World Data 

Yuka Kato, Masahiko Narita and Chuzo Akiguchi

Efficient Heuristic for Multicasting in Arbitrary Networks   

Hovhannes Harutyunyan, Rahul Katragadda and Calin Dan Morosan 

18:30 - 21:30                           Reception                                                                    


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

08:30   Registration: Small Hall

09:30 - 10:30                           Keynote II                                                                      

Georg Gottlob (Oxford University)

Web Data Extraction for Business Applications and for Interfacing Virtual Worlds with the Real World

Session Chair: Peter Harrison (Imperial College)

Room: Great Hall 

10:30 - 11:00                           Tea/Coffee                                                                     

11:00 - 13:00                            Technical Sessions                                                    

AINA Session 4A: Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Session Chair: Mieso Denko, University of Guelph

Room: C7


Optimized broadcast in a geographical area of wireless ad hoc and sensor networks

Ibrahim Amadou and Pascale Minet

A Resource Discovery scheme for Large Scale Ad hoc Networks Using a Hypercube-based Backbone

Lyes Dekar and Hamamache Kheddouci

Energy Efficiency: Optimal Transmission Range with Topology Management in Rectangular Ad-hoc Wireless networks

Wei Feng, Hamada Alshaer and Jaafar.M.H Elmirghani

Performance Analysis of OLSR and BATMAN Protocols Considering Link Quality Parameter

Leonard Barolli, Makoto Ikeda, Giuseppe De Marco, Arjan Durresi and Fatos Xhafa 

AINA Session 4B: Performance Modelling and Evaluation 2        

Session Chair: Stephen Jarvis, University of Warwick

Room: C9


A Communication Model of Broadcast in Wormhole-Routed Networks on-Chip

Mahmoud Moadeli and Wim Vanderbauwhede

An Experimental Evaluation of Sender-Side TCP Enhancements for Wired-to-Wireless Paths: A Real-World Home WLAN Case Study

Ritesh Taank and Xiaohong Peng

QoS Enhancements and Performance Analysis for Delay Sensitive Applications

Lin Guan

An Efficient Admission Control Methodology for Satisfying QoS Requirements in NGN Networks

Cherif Ghazel and Leila Saidane 

AINA Session 4C: Privacy and Trust Management      

Session Chair: Arjan Durresi, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Room: JSB


Privacy-preserving Linear Programming

Jaideep Vaidya

Trust Assessment of Wireless Sensor Data for Business Applications

Laurent Gomez, Annett Laube and Alessandro Sorniotti

Key Management in Web of Trust for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Enabling Fast Bootstrap of Reputation in P2P Mobile Networks

Roberto Cascella

PAEWN Session 1: Network Protocol

Session Chair: Lan Wang, University of Bradford

Room: C8


QoS-Aware Router Combining Features of Conventional Routing and Flow-aware Routing Based on Resource Management over NGN

Boyoung Rhee, Sungchol Cho, Jin Xianshu, Sunyoung Han

Using Multi-valued Decision Diagrams to Solve the Expected Hop Count Problem

Johannes Herrmann

Fair and Latency Aware Uplink Scheduler in IEEE 802.16 Using Customized Deficit Round Robin

Elmabruk.Laias, Irfan Awan, Pauline. ML.Chan

Performance Analysis of EAP Methods Used as GDOI Phase 1 for IP Multicast on Airplanes

Prashant Pillai, Yim-Fun Hu 

WuNet Session 1: Physical/Link/Network Layer Issues

Session Chair: Hwee-Pink Tan, The Institute for Infocomm Research
Room: C30

Effects of Channel Estimation Errors in OFDM-MIMO-based Underwater Communications

J. E. Hakegard and K. Grythe

Multi-node processing for asymmetrical communications in underwater acoustic networks

A. Silva, J. Huillery and S. M. Jesus

Analysis of an automatic repeat request scheme addressing long delay channels (Invited)

L. Badia, P. Casari, M. Levorato and M. Zorzi

Sector-based Routing with Destination Location Prediction for Underwater Mobile Networks (Invited)

N. Chirdchoo, W. S. Soh and K. C. Chua

Topology design of undersea cables considering survivability under major disasters

W. Wu, B. Moran, J. Manton and M. Zukerman 

BioCom Session 1: Data Management and Simulations

Session Chair: Leonard Barolli, Fukuoka Institute of Technology

Room: D42


Knowledge Extraction and Extrapolation Using Ancient and Modern Biomedical Literature

Harsha Gopal Goud Vaka and Snehasis Mukhopadhyay

A Software System Development for Probabilistic Relational Database Applications for Biomedical Informatics

Ping-Tsai Chung, Fahmeed Afzal, Hsin-Hua Hsiao

Analyzing the Actin-Cofilin Interaction through Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Ershela Durresi, Paul Dalhaimer, Thomas Pollard 

IWDENS Session 1: Disaster Information System

Session Chair: Yoshitaka Shibata, Iwate Prefectural University
Room: E59

A Design of Reduced Data Representation for Information Sharing in the Disaster-affected Area

Misako Urakami,Keiji Fujii, Mitsuhiro Kota, Hiroshi Matsuno

Wireless Distributed Network System for Relief Activities after Disasters - A Construction Policy of Heterogeneous Network Architecture

Tetsuya Shigeyasu, Misako Urakami, Hiroshi Matsuno

A study on a student refugee information system using IC card type student identification card

Hiroaki Yuze, Yuji Aota, Takashi Kawada

Information and Communication Network Infrastructre based on Experiences from Noto-hanto-oki Earthquake

Akihiro Miyakaw


FINA Session 4: Multimedia Systems and Networks

Session Chair: Yuka Kato, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology

Room: F21


An Adaptation System for P2P Multimedia Applications   

Derdour Makhlouf, Nacira Ghoualm-Zine, Philippe Roose and Dalmau Marc

Requirements and Strategy for Presentation Stage Synchronization of Multi-object Multimedia Applications  

Ting Peng

Pico Cellular MAC Protocol for Multimedia Communication

Bilal Qazi, Ángela Vivero, Omar Alani and Jaafar.M.H Elmirghani

A Model for the Transmission of Multimedia Data Flow Based on the Use of Shared Memory Mechanism   

Andre G. P. da Silva, Carlos Eduardo da Silva, Adilson B. Lopes and Felipe A. P. Pinto 

13:00 - 14:00                           Lunch                                                                           

 14:00 - 15:00                           Keynote III                                                                     

Elisa Bertino (Purdue University)

Location-aware Authentication and Authorization - Concepts and Issues

Session Chair: Makoto Takizawa (Seikei University)

Room: Great Hall 

15:00 - 15:30                           Tea/Coffee                                                                     

15:30 - 17:30                           Technical Sessions                                                    

AINA Session 5A: Quality of Service in Web Services

Session Chair: Wenny Rahayu, La Trobe University

Room: C7


A Survey and Analysis on Semantics in QoS for Web Services

Vuong Xuan Tran and Hidekazu Tsuji

Exploiting Request Characteristics to Improve Performance of Web Services Based Business Applications

Tong Yizhu, Hao Wang and Taoying Liu

Massively Scalable Web Service Discovery

George Anadiotis, Spyros Kotoulas, Holger Lausen and Ronny Siebes

Towards An Approach to Defining Capacity-Driven Web Services

Zakaria Maamar, Samir Tata and Djamel Belaid 

AINA Session 5B: Workflows and Reliability in Grid Computing

Session Chair: Minoru Uehara, Toyo University

Room: C9


Reliability-Driven Scheduling of Workflow Applications in Public-Resource Computing Environments

Xiaofeng Wang, Rajkumar Buyya, Chee Shin Yeo and Jinshu Su

A Highly Available Grid Metadata Catalog

Henrik Thostrup Jensen and Josva Kleist

Transaction Management for Reliable Grid Applications

Feilong Tang, Minyi Guo, Minglu Li and Li Li

Brain Image Registration Analysis Workflow for fMRI Studies on Global Grids

Suraj Pandey, William Voorsluys, Mustafizur Rahman, Rajkumar Buyya, James Dobson and Kenneth Chiu 

AINA Session 5C: Mobile Networks and Applications

Session Chair: Winston Seah, Institute for Infocomm Research

Room: JSB 


Name Resolution Middleware Using Relative Positional Relationship to Support Wireless Visible Area Communication

Atsushi Noda, Teruaki Kitasuka, Shigeaki Tagashira, Tsuneo Nakanishi and Akira Fukuda

Data Dissemination with Drop Boxes

Mun Lok, Bilal Qazi and Jaafar.M.H Elmirghani

A Proposal to Enhance and Control Continuous Communications in Proxy Mobile IPv6

Joon-Suk Kang, Motoyuki OHMORI and Koji OKAMURA

Comparative Performance Analysis of CAC Reward Optimization Algorithms in Wireless Networks

Okan Yilmaz and Ing-Ray Chen 

PAEWN Session 2: Measurement, Modelling and Evaluation

Session Chair: Prashant Pillai, University of Bradford

Room: C8 


Wireless Measurement Framework to Survey an Area with Required Communication Quality

Yuzo Taenaka, Shigeru Kashihara, Youki Kadobayashi, Suguru Yamaguchi

Analytical Modeling of AQM under Dynamic Channel Conditions

Lan Wang, Geyong Min, Irfan Awan

Queue Length Behavior on Restricted Link under Bursty Self-similar TCP Traffic

Takuo Nakashima

Performance Evaluation Based on Simulation of Improving Dynamic Probabilistic Flooding in MANETs

Abdalla Musbah Hanashi, Irfan Awan, Mike Woodward 

WuNet Session 2: Medium Access Control

Session Chair: Jan-Erik Hakegard, SINTEF, Norway
Room: C30 

A Novel Spatial Shared TDMA Protocol and Quality Measure for Ad-Hoc Underwater Acoustic Network (Invited)

R. Diamant, M. Pinchasevich and I. Achark

A CDMA-Based MAC Protocol in Tree-Topological Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (Invited)

J.P. Kim, Y.S.Jang and H.S. Cho

A lighweight protocol suite for underwater communication

H. Rustad

A Survey on Medium Access Control in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

G. A. Shah 

BioCom Session 2: Enabling Technologies

Session Chair: Arjan Durresi, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Room: D42

Real-time Monitoring of Vital Signs

Birhan Payli, Arjan Durresi, U. Deniz Dincer, Leonard Barolli

A New Teleconference System for Healthcare Applications by GigaEther-based Omni-directional Video Transmission 

Hirokazu Ookuzu, Yosuke Sato and Yoshitaka Shibata

Toward fMRI Group Identification based on Brain Lateralization

Magno Guillen, Malek Adjouadi, Melvin Ayala, Xiaozhen You, Armando Barreto, Naphtali Rishe, Byron Bernal and William Gaillard 

IWDENS Session 2: Wireless Emergency Network

Session Chair: Yoshitaka Shibata, Iwate Prefectural University
Room: E59

Disaster Information Network by Cognitive Radio LANs

Goshi Sato, Daisuke Asahizawa, Yoshitaka Shibata

Disaster Surveillance Video Transmission System by Wirelss Ballooned Network

Yosuke Sato, Daisuke Asahizawa, Goshi Sato, Yoshitaka Shibata

A Proposal of Tsunami Warning System Using Area Mail Disaster Information Service on Mobile Phones

Yasuaki Teshirogi, Jun Sawamoto, Norihisa Segawa, Eiji Sugino

Effective Disaster Communication Method by Personalized Wireless LAN System

Keisuke Okaya, Akiko Yokota, Sho Koshigoe, Mikio Tanii, Takashi Miura, Kazuo Takahata, Yoshitaka Shibata 

FINA Session 5: Intrusion Detection and Access Control

Session Chair: David Taniar, Monash University

Room: F21


TCP/IP Model and Intrusion Detection Systems  

Safaa Zaman and Fakhri Karray

A Multi-Agent-based Approach to Improve Intrusion Detection Systems False Alarm Ratio by Using Honeypot

Babak Khosravifar, Maziar Gomrokchi and Jamal Bentahar

Handling Context in a Semantic-based Access Control Framework 

Moussa Ehsan, Morteza Amini and Rasool Jalili

Privacy Protection in Passive Network Monitoring: an Access Control Approach        

Georgios Lioudakis, Fotios Gogoulos, Anna Antonakopoulou, Dimitra Kaklamani and Iakovos Venieris 

18:30 - 21:30                           Dinner                                                                          


Thursday, May 28, 2009


08:30   Registration: Small Hall


09:30 - 11:00                           Technical Sessions                                                    

AINA Session 6A: Multimedia Systems and Applications

Session Chair: Yuka Kato, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology

Room: C7


JPEG steganography: a performance evaluation of optimized quantization tables

Adel Almohammad and Gheorghita Ghinea

Serial and Parallel Transmission Models for Multi-Source Streaming of Multimedia Objects

Alireza Goudarzi Nemati and Makoto Takizawa

PHD - A Generic and Flexible Architecture for IPTV in Authorized Domains

Marcos Simplicio, Vlad Coroama, Tereza Carvalho, Mats Naslund, Makan Pourzandi and Yeda Venturini

The Efficiency Method of Sanitizable Signature Scheme for SMF

Hirokazu Miyata, Ryuya Uda and Kenichi Okada 

AINA Session 6B: Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

Session Chair: Takahiro Hara, Osaka University

Room: C9


Situation-Aware Adaptive Recommendation to Assist Mobile Users in a Campus Environment

Amel Bouzeghoub, Leandro Wives and Kien Ngoc Do

Tracking Anonymous Sinks in Wireless Sensor Networks

Elhadi Shakshuki, Nan Kang, Xinyu Xing and Tarek Sheltami

Sensor Data Fusion using DSm Theory for activity recognition under Uncertainty in Home-based Care

Hyun Lee, Jae Sung Choi and Ramez Elmasri

A Distributed Dynamic Adaptation Model for Component-Based Applications

Maria Teresa Segarra and Francoise Andre 

AINA Session 6C: Security 1: Intrusion Detection Systems

Session Chair: Roberto Gioacchino Cascella, University of Trento

Room: JSB


Detecting Man-in-the-Middle and Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Mesh Networks

Stephen Glass and vallipuram Muthukkumarasamy

Fuzzy ESVDF approach for Intrusion Detection Systems

Safaa Zaman and Fakhri Karray

Correlating TCP/IP Interactive Sessions with Correlation Coefficient to Detect Stepping-Stone Intrusion

Jianhua Yang, Quoqing Zhao and Gurdeep Hura

Masquerade Detection Using Command Prediction and Association Rules Mining

Han-Ching Wu and Shou-Hsuan Huang 

SMPE Session 1:

Session Chair: Mieso Denko, University of Guelph
Room: C8

A Property based Framework for Trust and Reputation in Mobile Computing

Kevin Jones, Helge Janicke, Antonio Cau

Distributed search for balanced energy consumption spanning trees in Wireless Sensor Networks

Andrei Gagarin, Sajid Hussain, Laurence Yang 

TeNAS Session 1: Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Session Chair: Ted Huang, Chunghwa Telecom

Room: C30


A Hierarchically Structured Architecture for a Worldwide Sensor Web

I.Rhead, M.Merabti, H.Mokhtar, P.Fergus

A Trial of a Worker's Motion Trace System Using Terrestrial Magnetism and Acceleration Sensors

Nobuyoshi Sato,Shouichi Odashima, Jun Suzuki, Taiji Ishikawa, Yoshitoshi Murata

Topology Control Protocol for 2D Poisson Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks

Waltenegus Dargie, A. Schill, Rami Mochaourab and Lin Guan

Towards a Context-Aware Identity Management in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (IMMANets)

Abdullahi Arabo, Qi Shi, Madjid Merabti 

INVITE Session: VR and Tele-existence Systems

Session Chair: Yoshitaka Shibata, Iwate Prefectural University
Room: D42

Layer-based Dome Contents Creation Using Scenario Description Language

Tetsuro Ogi, Daisuke Furuyama, Tetsuro Fujise

Development of Immersive Virtual Driving Environment Using OpenCABIN Library

Yoshisuke Tateyama, Tetsuro Ogi,Hidekazu Nishimura, Noriyasu Kitamura, Harumi Yashiro

An Experiment on Tele-immersive Communication with Tiled Displays Wall over JGN2plus Network

Yasuo Ebara, Yoshitaka Shibata

A Middleware System to Realize Virtual Reality on Tele-Immersion Environment

Keisuke Yatsu, Tomoyuki Ishida,Yoshitaka Shibata

Asynchronous Collaborative Support System by Revision Tree Method

Hiroki Ogasawara, Yoshitaka Shibata 

SRIA Session:

Session Chair: Vidyasagar Potdar, Curtin University of Technology
Room: E59

An RFID Based System for Emergency Health Care Services

Cornel Turcu, Cristina Turcu

Wireless Mutlimedia Sensor NetowrKs - A Survey

Atif Sharif, Vidyasagar Potdar, Elizabeth Chang

Enhancing the Flexibility of Manufacturing Systems Using the RFID Technology

Valentin Vlad, Adrian Graur, Cristina Elena Turcu, Cezar Popa

Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks in Pharmaceutical Industry

Manohar Potdar, Atif Sharif, Vidyasagar Potdar, Elizabeth Chang

FINA Session 6: Communication Technology

Session Chair: Markus Aleksy, ABB AG Corporate Research Centre

Room: F21


Performance Evaluation of Secure Call Admission Control (SCAC) for Multiclass Internet Services

Abdullah Alhaj, Irfan Awan and John Mellor

SIP Robustness Testing Based on TTCN-3

Yang Xiang, Zhiliang Wang and Xia Yin

Improved Channel Estimation Using Wavelet Denosing for OFDM and OFDMA Systems

Xue Wang, Linjing ZHAO and Jianbo CHENG

11:00 - 11:30                           Tea/Coffee                                                                      

11:30 - 13:00                           Technical Sessions                                                    

AINA Session 7A: Wireless Sensor Networks 1

Session Chair: Fatos Xhafa, Technical University of Catalonia

Room: C7


Route Construction Based on Measured Characteristics of Radio Propagation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Yasuhiro Nose, Akimitsu Kanzaki, Takahiro Hara and Shojiro Nishio

An Analytical Performance Evaluation for WSNs Using Loop-Free Bellman Ford Protocol

Mohammad Baharloo, Reza Hajisheykhi, Mohammad Arjomand and Amir Hossein Jahangir

Information Communication Mechanism for Loosely Coupled Mobile User Groups in Wireless Sensor Fields

Soochang Park, Euisin Lee, Fucai Yu, Min-Sook Jin and Sang-ha Kim

Lessons Learned: Simulation Vs WSN Deployment

Elhadi Shakshuki, Haroon Malik and Tarek Sheltami 

AINA Session 7B: Security 2: New Languages and Systems   

Session Chair: Bernd Freisleben, University of Marburg

Room: C9


Similarity Search over DNS Query Streams for Email Worm Detection

Nikolaos Chatzis and Nevil Brownlee

ReAlSec: A Relational Language for Advanced Security Engineering

Mohamed Hamdi, Noureddine Boudriga and nejla Essaddi

A New Surveillace Video Tracking System Based on Omni-directional and Network Cameras

Yosuke Sato, Koji Hashimoto and Yoshitaka Shibata

Exclusion of Forged Files from Multi-Source Downloadable P2P Systems

Yuna Kim, Junghei You, Heejae Park and Jong Kim 

AINA Session 7C: Scheduling and Routing Schemes 

Session Chair: Hiroshi Matsuno, Yamaguchi University

Room: JSB


Packet Scheduling Algorithm with QoS Provision in HSDPA

Ying-Hong Wang, Kuo-Feng Huang and Cheng-Yi Le

A Simple Distributed ID Assignment Scheme for CSMA/IC using Well Arranged Rotation ID in Ad Hoc Networks

Ki-seok Lee and Cheeha Kim

Privacy-Aware Routing Approach for Mobile Applications

Markus Aleksy and Thomas Butter

A new space time cooperative diversity scheme based on simple feedback

Dechun Sun, Kechu Yi and Xiaohui Li 

SMPE Session 2:

Session Chair: Mieso Denko, University of Guelph
Room: C8

Formal Specification of a Safety Critical Pervasive Application for a Nuclear Medicine Department

Antonio Coronato,Giuseppe De Pietro

Dynamic Role Assignment using Semantic Contexts

Anand Dersingh, Ramiro Liscano, Allan Jost

Secure Safety Messages Broadcasting in Vehicular Network

Maryam Barzegar, Nasser Mozayeni, Mahmood Fathy 

TeNAS Session 2: Systems and Software Management

Session Chair: Ella Pereira, Edge Hill University
Room: C30

Fault Tolerance Small-World Cellular Neural Networks for Inttermitted Faults

Katsuyoshi Matsumoto, Minoru Uehara, and Hideki Mori

A Comparison between the Tunneling process and Mapping schemes for IPv4/IPv6 Transition

Raed AlJaafreh, John Mellor, and Irfan Awan

Design of Alarm Management System in Hybrid IP/Optical Networks

Te-Lung Liu, Hui-Min Tseng, Hui-Min Chen, Jen-Wei Hu, Chu-Sing Yang and C. Eugene Yeh 

Optimization of iSCSI Remote Storage Access through Multiple Layers

Reika Higa, Kosuke Matsubara, Takao Okawamari,Saneyasu Yamaguchi,[1]Masato Oguchi

Software Management of Heterogeneous Execution Platforms

Andre Bottaro, Levent Gurgen, Maxime Vincent and Francois-Gael Ottogalli, Stephane Seyvoz 

MAW Session 1: Recommender Systems

Session Chair: Shengrui Wang, Université de Sherbrooke

Room: D42


Do metrics make recommender algorithms?

Elisa Campochiaro, Riccardo Casatta, Paolo Cremonesi, Roberto Turrin

An Adaptive Personalized Recommender Based on Web-browsing Behavior Learning

Kosuke Takano, Kin Fun Li

Hybrid Recommender System Using Latent Features

Saranya Maneeroj, Atsuhiro Takasu

Including Context in a Transactional Recommender System Using a Pre-Filtering Approach: Two Real E-Commerce Applications

Michele Gorgoglione, Umberto Panniello 

HWISE Session 1: Performance Evaluation

Session Chair: Arjan Durresi, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis       

Room: E59


Evaluating the impact of IEEE 802.11 Operation on IEEE 802.15.4 Performance

Mukul Goyal

Performance Evaluation of SSTP- a Transport Protocol for Satellite Channels

Andrea Canhoto

A Seamless Handover Scheme with Pre-registration in NEMO

Ying-Hong Wang, Kuo-Feng Huang and Hsin-Yi Ho 

FINA Session 7: Secure Networks and Systems

Session Chair: Vamsi Paruchuri, University of Central Arkansas

Room: F21


Security of Two Recent Constant-Round Password Authenticated Group Key Exchange Schemes  

Raphael Phan

Cipher Suite Setting Problem of SSL Protocol and It’s Solutions   

Yunyoung Lee, Soonhaeng Hur, Dongho Won and Seungjoo Kim

Security of Group Key Exchange Protocols with Different Passwords     

Raphael Phan

An Architectural Approach for Self-Managing Security Services   

Giovanni Russello and N Dulay 

13:00 - 14:00                           Lunch                                                                              

14:00 - 15:30                            Technical Sessions                                                    

AINA Session 8A: Interaction in Web Services           

Session Chair: Florian Daniel, University of Trento

Room: C7


On the Synchronization of Web Services Interactions

Zakaria Maamar, Michael Sheng, Hamdi Yahyaoui, Khouloud Boukadi and Xitong Li

Diagnosing Incompatibilities in Web service Interactions for Automatic Generation of Adapters

Yehia Taher, Ali Aït-Bachir, Marie-Christine Fauvet and Djamal Benslimane

Building Distributed Index for Semantic Web Data

Juan Li 

AINA Session 8B: Security 3: Authentication and Access Control

Session Chair: Masato Oguchi, Ochanomizu University

Room: C9


Advantages of User Authentication Using Unclear Images -Automatic Generation of Decoy Images

Takumi Yamamoto, Atsushi Harada, Takeo Isarida and Masakatsu Nishigaki

An Anonymous DoS-Resistant Password-based Authentication, Key Exchange and Pseudonym Delivery Protocol for Vehicular Networks

Joseph C. M. Teo, Lek Heng Ngoh and Huaqun Guo

IGMPx: Port based Service Access Control for IP multicast

Prashant Pillai and Yim Fun Hu

A Hierarchical Model for Firewall Policy Extraction

Eduardo Horowitz and Luis Lamb 

AINA Session 8C: WLAN, RFID and OFDM Systems    

Session Chair: Pascale  Minet, INRIA, Le Chesnay

Room: JSB


Improved 4-ary Query Tree Algorithm for Anti-Collision in RFID System

Yong Hwan Kim, Sung Soo Kim, Seong Joon Lee and kwang Seon ahn

Mitigation of Intercarrier Interference Based on General Precoder Design in OFDM Systems

Xia Wang

An Analytical Model for MAC Protocol Configuration in WLAN

Suhaimi Bin Abd Latif, M.A Rashid and F. Alam 

BLSMC Session 1:

Session Chair: Jacques Demongeot, University J. Fourier
Room: C8

The Small-World Model for Amino Acid Interaction Networks

Omar Gaci, Stefan Balev

Loss of Linearity and Symmetrisation in Regulatory Networks

Jacques Demongeot, Eric Goles, Sylvain Sené,     

A Numerical Simulation of Transport and Biodegradation in Saturated Porous Media

Salah A. Kammouri,  Mohamed El Hatri, M.Nabil Kabbaj     

Towards a rational approach for the logical modelling of inhibition in metabolic networks

O. Ray 

DMWPC Session 1: Data management and analysis

Session Chair: Takahiro Hara, Osaka University
Room: C30

Artificial Neural Network and Social Network Analysis combined to enhance the customer loyalty process

Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro, Markus Helfert

Preprocessing Uncertain User Profile Data: Inferring a User's Actual Age from Ages of the User's Local Network Neighbors

Sung Hyuk Park, Hojin Lee, Sang Pil Han, Dong Hoon Lee

A Contextualized and Personalized Approach for Mobile Search

Feng Gui, Malek Adjouadi, and Naphtali Rishe

C2MA: a Calculus of Context-Aware Mobile Ambients

Francois Siewe, Antonio Cau, Hussein Zedan 

MAW Session 2: Clustering and Classification

Session Chair: Atsuhiro Takasu, National Institute of Informatics

Room: D42


An Enhanced Clustering Method Based on Grid-shaking

Jinbeom Kang, Joongmin Choi, Jaeyoung Yang

A Robust Algorithm for Fuzzy Document Clustering

Lifei Chen, Shengrui Wang, Qingshan Jiang

Measures of Class Membership in Association Rule based Classification

Viet Phan-Luong

SVM Fuzzy Hierarchical Classification Method for Multi-class Problems

Taoufik Guernine, Kacem Zeroual 

HWISE Session 2: Enabling Technologies

Session Chair: Leonard Barolli, Fukuoka Institute of Technology

Room: E59


Cooperative Packet Relaying in Wireless Multi-hop Networking        

Lu Yan

Context-Aware Computing Support for Network-Assisted Seamless Vertical Handover

Pravin Pawar, Bert Jan van Beijnum, Katarzyna Wac, Hermie Hermens and Dimitri Konstantas

A Fuzzy Decision Maker for Wireless Sensor Network in Ubiquitous Network Environment

Huma Qayyum, Shaleeza Sohail, Ghalib A.Shah and Aasia Khanum

Identity-Based Cryptography for Securing Mobile Phone Calls

Matthew Smith, Christian Schridde, Björn Agel and Bernd Freisleben 

FINA Session 8: Grid, P2P, and Mobile Wireless Networks

Session Chair: Tomoya Enokido, Rissho University

Room: F21


A Public Keys Based Architecture for P2P Identification, Content Authenticity and Reputation

Neander Brisola, Altair Santin, Lau Lung, Heverson Ribeiro and Marcelo Vithoft    

An Alternative Approach for Header Compression Over Wireless Mesh Networks   

Andréa Giordanna O. Nascimento, Edjair Mota and Saulo Jorge B. de Queiroz    

A Static Benchmarking for Grid Scheduling Problems    

Fatos Xhafa, Leonard Barolli, Juan Antonio Gonzalez, Pawel Jura

Lightweight Secure IP Address Auto-Configuration Based On VASM

Majid Tajamolian, Majid Taghiloo, and Mahnaz Tajamolian 

15:30 - 16:00                           Tea/Coffee                                                                     

16:00 - 17:30                           Technical Sessions                                                  

AINA Session 9A: Networks: Scalibility, Survivability, and Searching

Session Chair: Takuo Nakashima, University of Tokay

Room: C7


Survivability in Existing ATM-Based Mesh Networks

Isaac Woungang, Guangyan Ma, Mieso Denko, Alireza Sadeghian, Sudip Misra and Alexander Ferworn

Effects of on-path buffering on TCP fairness

Saleem Bhatti and Martin Bateman

Scalability analysis to optimize a Network on Chip

Marta Beltran and Antonio Guzman

Network Voronoi Diagram based Range Search

Kefeng Xuan, Geng Zhao, David Taniar, B Srinivasan, Maytham Safar and M. Gavrilova 

AINA Session 9B: Wireless Sensor Networks 2

Session Chair: Elhadi Shakshuki, Acadia University

Room: C9


Optical Fiber Sensor Network Integrating Communication and Sensing Functions Using Hetero-core Spliced Fiber Optic Sensors

Nobutoshi Abe, Norihiko Shinomiya and Yoshimi Teshigawara

Sink Location Service via Inner Rectangular in Wireless Sensor Networks

Hosung Park, Taehee Kim, Jeongcheol Lee, Min-Sook Jin and Sang-Ha Kim

How long is the lifetime of a wireless sensor network?

Nok Hang Mak and Winston Seah

Medium Access Control in Large Scale Clusters for Wireless Sensor Networks

Pedro Barbosa, Neil White and Nick Harris 

AINA Session 9C: Web Technology and Applications 

Session Chair: Kin Fun Li, Victoria University

Room: JSB


Find Influential eBay Buyers for Viral Marketing – A Conceptual Model of BuyerRank

Hon Wai Lam and Chen Wu

Priority Scheduling of Requests to Web Portals

Rob Holton, Muhammad Younas and Irfan Awan

GBLT: Load Distribution Method for High Density by User Behavior in MMO Virtual Environment

Rei Endo, Kenji Takagi and Hiroshi Shigeno

Implementation of an E-Learning System Using P2P, Web and Sensor Technologies

Keita Matsuo, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa, Vladi Kolici, Akio Koyama, Arjan Durresi and Rozeta Miho 

BLSMC Session 2:

Session Chair: Andrei Doncescu, LAAS-CNRS
Room: C8

Regulatory networks analysis: robustness in morphogenesis regulation

Hedi Ben-Amor, Sébastien Cadau, Adrien Elena, Danièle Dhouailly, Jacques Demongeot

Modeling the glycolysis: an inverse problem approach

Jacques Demongeot, Andrei Doncescu                  

Imaging and modelling of a degenerative disease of the retina

Muhammad Tayyab, Yves Usson, Thierry Léveillard, Jacques Demongeot

Machine learning applied to BRCA1 hereditary breast cancer data

Andrei Doncescu, Batiste Tauzin, M.Nabil Kabbaj

Abductive Reasoning in Cancer Therapy

Yoshitaka Yamamoto, Katsumi Inoue, Andrei Doncescu 

DMWPC Session 2: Applications / Sensor networks

Session Chair: Mieso Denko, University of Guelph
Room: C30

A Content Clipping System for Web Browsing Using Cellular Phones

Kenji Ohnishi, Yuki Arase, Takahiro Hara, Toshiaki Uemukai, and Shojiro Nishio

On a TDMA Slot Assignment Considering the Amount of Traffic in Wireless Sensor Networks

Akimitsu Kanzaki, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio 

Adaptive and Online One-Class Support Vector Machine-based Outlier Detection Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yang Zhang, Nirvana Meratnia, Paul Havinga 

MAW Session 3: Document and Text Information Retrieval

Session Chair: Kosuke Takano, Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Room: D42


·   Document Oriented Pruning of Inverted Index for Information Retrieval Systems

Lei Zheng, Ingemar Cox

·   CUTER: An Efficient Useful Text Extraction Mechanism

George Adam, Christos Bouras, Vassilis Poulopoulos

·   Learning to Extract Content from News Webpages

Alex Spengler


HWISE Session 3: Energy Efficient Solutions

Session Chair: Arjan Durresi, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Room: E59


Scalable Energy-Aware Dynamic Task Allocation

Ali Bokar, Muslim Bozyigit and Cevat Sener

An Efficient Shared-tree-Based Multi-Source Multicast Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

 Fumiaki Sato

An Energy Efficient Chain-Based Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

 Kyung Tae Kim and Hee Youn 

FINA Session 9: AdHoc and Sensor Networks

Session Chair: Leonard Barolli, Fukuoka Institute of Technology

Room: F21


Empowered Certification Authority in VANETs    

Monis Akhlaq, Baber Aslam, John Mellor and Irfan Awan

Performance Analysis of AODV Protocol for MANETs    

Mohamed Elazhari, Othman A. Al-amoudi, Michael E. Woodward and Irfan Awan

Centralized Dynamic Clustering for Wireless Sensor Network

Fuad Bajaber and Irfan Awan

An Efficient Routing Mechanism based on heading angle     

Othman alamodi, Mohamed elazhari, Michael E. Woodward and Irfan Awan


18:30 - 22:00                           Banquet                                                                       


Friday, May 29, 2009


08:30   Registration: Small Hall


09:30 - 11:00                            Technical Sessions                                                    

AINA Session 10A: Recovery and Fault Tolerance      

Session Chair: Jamal Bentahar, Concordia University

Room: C7


Recoverable Cuts to Make Agreement among Peers

Ailixier Aikebaier, Tomoya Enokido and Makoto Takizawa

A Ballooend Wireless Mesh Network System for Disaster Use

Yoshitaka Shibata, Yosuke Sato and Naoki Ogasawara

Determining the Net Financial Risk for Decision Making in Business Interactions

Omar Hussain and Tharam Dillon

Fault-tolerant Flocking of Mobile Robots with whole Formation Rotation

Yan Yang, Samia Souissi and Xavier Défago 

AINA Session 10B: Security 4: Architectures and Protocols

Session Chair: Masakatsu Nishigaki, Shizuoka University

Room: C9


Testing the Symbian OS Platform Security Architecture

Michael Becher and Thomas Badura

A Protocol for Releasing Purpose Marks to Prevent Illegal Information Flow

Tomoya Enokido and Makoto Takizawa

Anomaly Detection for DNS Servers Using Frequent Host Selection

Akira Yamada, Yutaka Miyake, Masahiro Terabe, Kazuo Hashimoto and Nei Kato

A Novel Cookie-based DDoS Protection Scheme and its Performance Analysis

Zeng Rongfei, Chuang Lin and Yang Hongkun 

AINA Session 10C: Grid and P2P Computing  

Session Chair: Tarek Sheltami, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minirals

Room: JSB


Introducing Group Participation Support into P2PWeb Caching Systems

Akihiro Iwamaru, Tsuyoshi Itokawa, Teruaki Kitasuka and Masayoshi Aritsugi

VirtCloud: Virtualising Network for Grid Environments--First Experiences

David Antos, Ludek Matyska, Petr Holub and Jiri Sitera

Spigot: Fragment-Level File Sharing and Consistency on Grids

Po-Cheng Chen, Jyh-Biau Chang, Jia-Hao Yang, Yi-Chang Zhuang and Ce-Kuen Shieh

DACA: Dynamic Anti-Cheating Architecture for MMOGs

Huey-Ing Liu and Bing-Rong Tang 

WON Session 1: Routing

Session Chair: Ling-Jyh Chen, Academia Sinica

Room: C8


Opportunistic Routing for Disruption Tolerant Networks

Marcello Caleffi and Luigi Paura

Privacy in Content-Based Opportunistic Networks

Abdullatif Shikfa, Melek Onen, and Refik Molva

Improving Opportunistic Data Dissemination via Selective Forwarding

Jyh-How Huang, Ying-Yu Chen, Yi-Chao Chen, Ling-Jyh Chen, and Shivakant Mishra

MAW Session 4: Web Content Analysis

Session Chair: Mehdi Adda, University of Montreal

Room: C30


A Content-Oriented Framework for Online Discussion Analysis

Anna Stavrianou, Jean-Hugues Chauchat, Julien Velcin

Towards a Combined Approach to Validate Induced Syntactic Relations

Nicolas Béchet, Mathieu Roche, Jacques Chauché

Sentence-Level Opinion-Topic Association for Opinion Detection in Blogs

Malik Muhammad Saad Missen, Mohand Boughanem

Wikipedia Relatedness Measurement Methods and Influential Features

Kotaro Nakayama, Masahiro Ito, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio 

HWISE Session 4: Applications

Session Chair: Leonard Barolli, Fukuoka Institute of Technology

Room: D42 


Voice over Wireless Mesh Networks: A Case Study of Voice Codecs in the Brazilian Amazon Region

João Luis G. Moreira, Edjair Mota, Edson N Silva Jr, Leandro Carvalho, Saulo Jorge Queiroz and Christian Höene 

A Service-Oriented Model for Semantics-based Operations in Wireless Sensor Networks

Mudasser Iqbal, Hock Beng Lim, Wang Wenqiang and Yao Yuxia

Design and Implementation of a prototype Smart PARKing (SPARK) System using Wireless Sensor Networks

Srikanth S. V , Pramod PJ and Dr. Sarat Chandra Babu N

Street CORNERS: Real-time Contextual Representation of Sensor Network Data for Environmental Trend Identification

Patricia Morreale, Feng Qi and Paul Croft 

FINA Session 10: Network Control, Analysis, and Performance Evaluation

Session Chair: Mieso Denko, University of Guelph

Room: F21


Network Anomaly Detection Based on Statistical Approach and Time Series Analysis

   Kai Huang, Zhengwei Qi and Bo Liu

Modelling of an Integrated Scheduling Scheme with Bursty MMPP Traffic

Lei Liu, Xiaolong Jin and Geyong Min

Analysis of the Weighted Fair Queuing System with Two Classes of Customers with Finite Buffer

Amina AlSawaai, Irfan Awan and Rod Fretwell

Evaluating Wavelength Routing Capability and Blocking Analysis of Dynamic ROADM Networks(cat-I) for Dynamic Traffic

Indumathi TS 

11:00 - 11:30                           Tea/Coffee                                                                     

11:30 - 13:00                           Technical Sessions                                                  

AINA Session 11A: Wireless Sensor Networks 3          

Session Chair: Jacques Demongeot, University J. Fourier

Room: C7


DCM-Arch: An Architecture for Data, Control, and Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Quan Le-Trung, Amirhosein Taherkordi, Frank Eliassen, Paal Engelstad, Ngoc-Hai Pham and Tor Skeie

Effective Sensing Function Allocation Using a Distributed Graph Coloring and a Slot Allocation Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks 

Ryouhei Kawano and Toshiaki Miyazaki

A Method for Determining Weight Reset Timing in a Wirelessly Networked Array with Independently Mobile Elements

William Lintz, John McEachen and Murali Tummala

Configuring Beaconless IEEE 802.15.4 Networks Under Different Traffic Loads

Dawn Rohm, Mukul Goyal, Hossein Hosseini, August Divjak and Yusuf Bashir 

AINA Session 11B: Advanced Models for Databases and Networks Systems

Session Chair: Robert Holton, University of Bradford

Room: C9


Classification of Bloggers using Social Annotations

Shigeaki Sakurai, Hideki Tsutsui and Ryohei Orihara

Supporting Complex Scientific Database Schema in a Grid Middleware

Helen Xiang

An Empirical Investigation into the use of Multimodality in E-learning

Marwan Alseid and Dimitris Rigas

A new method of proactive recovery mechanism for large-scale network failures

Takuro Horie, Go Hasegawa, Satoshi Kamei and Masayuki Murata 

AINA Session 11C: Communication Technology and Protocols 2

Session Chair: Lin Guan, Loughborough University

Room: JSB


An Approach to Find Maximal Disjoint Paths with Reliability and Delay Constraints

Ruen Chze Loh

Implementation of Lightweight TCP/IP for Small, Wireless Embedded Systems

In-Su Yoon, Sang-Hwa Chung and Jeong-Soo Kim

On the false-positive and false-negative behavior of a soft-state signalling protocol

Melissa Tjiong and Johan Lukkien 

WON Session 2: Applications

Session Chair:   Kun-chan Lan, National Cheng Kung University

Room: C8


Approximating Travel Times using Opportunistic Networking

Rudi Ball and Naranker Dulay 

Opportunistic Social Network Experiments

Nicolas Montavont 

MAW Session 5: e-Learning and Web Search

Session Chair: Kin Fun Li, University of Victoria

Room: C30


Voted Spheres: An Online, Fast Approach to Large Scale Learning

Bassam Farran, Craig Saunders

SOA initiatives for eLearning. A Moodle case

Miguel Ángel Conde González, María José Casany Guerrero, Marc Alier Forment, Francisco José García Peñalvo

Toward Feedback-Based Web Search Engine

Mehdi Adda, Rokia Missaoui, Petko Valtchev

Temporal Dynamics of User Interests in Web Search Queries

Aysegul Cayci, Selcuk Sumengen, Cagatay Turkay, Selim Balcisoy, Yucel Saygin

Load Balancing using Consistent Hashing: a Real Challenge for Large Scale Distributed Web Crawlers

Mitra Nasri, Mohsen Sharifi 

FINA Session 11: Distributed Systems and Data Mining

Session Chair: Rasha Osman, University of Bradford

Room: F21


A Cost Analysis of Solving the Amnesia Problems

Rubén de Juan-Marín, Luis Irún-Briz and Francesc D. Muñoz-Escoí

A Hybrid Metadata Clustering and Updating Methodology in the Digital Ecosystems Environment   

Hai Dong, Farookh Khadeer Hussain, Elizabeth Chang

Workload Characterization of Autonomic DBMSs using Statistical and Data Mining Techniques

Mieso Denko, Zerihun Zewdu and Mulugeta Libsie

Multidimensional Data Streams Summarization Using Extended Tilted-Time Windows

Yoann Pitarch, Anne Laurent, Marc Plantevit and Pascal Poncelet.  


13:00 - 14:00                           Lunch                                                                           


                                                    Conference End                                                         

23rd IEEE AINA, Bradford, UK May 26-29, 2009