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Please note: This site is no longer being maintained, information contained in this site may be innacurate or out of date. For latest information please see the School of Computing, Informatics and Media.


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This section features on-demand streaming (using Windows Media Player) to play video clips from past and present students from the School of Informatics. There are also PSP and iPod downloads available (on the right). For optimum streaming performance you should select the speed appropriate to your internet connection from the options below. If you connect to the Internet using a modem (usually 56k dial-up) you should select the 56k option (low-quality). If you have a broadband connection please select select the 300k (high-quality) option. Don't forget to click the 'Change speed...' button!.


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  • Title: Oui Oui
  • Director: James Rodgers
  • Synopsis: As his aim was to tell a character-based using only bodily movement, James cleverly chose a mime artiste as lead character. The ensuing hard work has now well and truly paid off for him, with a job at visual effects company Red Star Studios and a Royal Television Society award already under his belt.
  • Title: Flyz
  • Director: Franz Schiller
  • Franz travelled all the way from Germany to study Creative Media and Technologies here at the University of Bradford, and one of the projects he made for us was this wonderful mix of live-action video with computer generated flies.
  • Title: Superturnip
  • Director: Carl Mitchell
  • Synopsis: Carl's quirky vegetable-based superhero does battle with a mannequin that happens to have stolen a giant cat/robot armoured suit. A testament to the rampant imaginaton and sense of humour that many of our students posess!
  • Title: Speeder
  • Director: Adam Thomas
  • Adam's animation project was a study in photorealism, and features a speeding vehicle travelling across a baking desert. In addition to the visual attention to detail (heat-haze, camera-shake effects, etc), Adam used audio quite cleverly, too - especially in the closing 'helicopter' shot.
  • Title: Animation Teaser for EIMC Degree Show 2006
  • Director: Various
  • Synopsis: A sequence of clips recently screened at the Department of Electronic Imaging and Media Communications degree Show at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, 9th June 2006
  • Title: Trailer
  • Director: Various
  • Synopsis: A combined sequence of clips featuring various snippets from the titles below.
  • Title: The Drive Through
  • Director: James Curran
  • Synopsis: A couple discover that the ingredients in their 'Meatshake' are not quite what they imagined.
  • Title: Time After Time
  • Director: Jon Berry
  • Synopsis: A hedgehog has difficulty getting his supper.
  • Title: Warriors of Destiny
  • Director: Robert Hesketh
  • Synopsis: Two brothers battle for control of a kingdom.
  • Title: The Relay
  • Director: David Reich
  • Synopsis: An awkward moment is solved by 'The Relay'... or is it?
  • Title: Virtual Life
  • Director: Gareth Baker
  • Synopsis: A 1996 final year project by Gareth Baker that used video processed to look like animation a la 'Scanner Darkly'
  • Title: Photography
  • Director: Andrew Smith
  • Synopsis: A Personal essay on the art of the still photograph.
  • Title: Egg/the Story of Egg
  • Director: Stephen Irwin
  • Synopsis: A surreal tale about a man born without the ability to speak the language of 'egg' and his attempts at overcoming this deficiency.
  • Title: Model
  • Director: Frances Brocklehurst
  • Synopsis: Powerful audio-visual critique of the fashion and beauty industries.
  • Title: Mobile Memories
  • Director: Mark O'Shea
  • Synopsis: Reflections on childhood memories captured on a mobile media device.
  • Title: The Blank Canvas
  • Director: Charles Hearnshaw
  • Synopsis: A student finds inspiration is closer than he first thought.
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