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Dr. Yonghong Peng

Senior Lecturer

Department of Computing
School of Informatics
University of Bradford
Richmond Road, Bradford
West Yorkshire, BD7 1DP
United Kingdom

Phone: +44-1274-233963




Description: am172Our PhD student wins the Best Research Poster Award at the European 2012 System Biology Conference (The University News, and Link). 


Special Issue of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering and Informatics (Eds Y Peng, Y Zhang, L Wang) has been published:

                                           http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09333657 (Vol.48, Issues 2-3, Pages 71-170, February – March 2010)


PhD studentship: Investigation into complex regulatory networks that control skin development, regeneration and carcinogenesis: Deadline 15 Oct 2009.(Adv



Special Issue of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Integrative Data Mining in Systems Biology (Eds Y Peng, X Zhang)

                                         http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09333657 (Vol.41, Issue.2 Oct 2007)


My research is in the area of Bio-Medical Informatics. The main research in my group is to develop novel Computational Approaches (Data Integration, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning and Data Mining) for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology research, involving:

·         Problem-oriented Research: Poster 1, Poster 2, Poster 3.

o    Bioinformatics, focus on

o          - Functional Genomics, and

o          - Cancer Bioinformatics

o    Computational Systems Biology, focus on

o          - '-omics' data fusion and integrative data mining

o          - system dynamics and behaviour modelling

o    Biomedical Image Mining

·         Method-oriented Research in Machine Learning and Data Mining

o    Ensemble Learning and Meta-Learning

o    Support Vector Machine

o    Association Rule Mining

o    Biological network Mining

o    Spatial-Temporal Pattern Discovery

·         Selected Publications

·         projects (to be updated)

·         Completed projects

·         I am also coordinating the research in biomedical media research in the new research institute: Digital Media and Systems Research Institute (DMSRI).


Database Systems (CM0307M): First Semester.
     2). Crime Analysis (CM1050M): Second Semester.    

    3). The Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design (CM0305L): Second Semester.

    4). The Data Mining part (weeks10-11) of AI with Applications (PG), (CM1044D): Second Semester.

     5). The Data Mining part (weeks10-12) of Data Fusion (PG): Second Semester. 



1. Talks

·         Dec 2007, Integrative Text and Network Mining, Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Seminar, University of Manchester.

·         June 2007, Computational and Systems Biology: An Introduction, Medical Bioscience Seminar, University of Bradford.

·         August 2005, Machine Learning and Data Mining in Bioinformatics, Southeast University, China.

·         April 2005, Ensemble Learning for Microarray Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics research group, University of Leeds.

·         Nov 2004, EPSRC Bioinformatics Workshop, University of Warwick, England.

·         May 2004, Pattern Discovery in NMR Spectroscopy, (PDF) School of Informatics and School of Pharmacy, University of Bradford, England.  

·         Sep 2003, Time Series Data Mining, UKCI-2003, Bristol, England.

·         Jan  2003, Advanced Data Mining: Active Learning and Meta-Learning, GDUT and SCUT, China.

·         Nov 2002, Improved Dataset Characterisation for Meta-Learning, DS2002, Lübeck, Germany.

·         Nov 2002, Meta Learning and Active Learning: Collaborative Knowledge Discovery in Distributed Systems School of Informatics, University of Bradford.

2. Professional Services:

    International Conference Programme Committee: UKCI'2003, AWDM'2004, ADMA'2005, UKCI'2005, ICMLC'2005, ICMLA'2005, ADMA'2006 (publicity co-chair), DMIN'2006, ICMLA'2006, UKCI'2006, PAKDD'2007, DMBIZ (organizer and co-chair), OSB'07, ADMA'07, CMBSB'07(organizer and co-chair), MLBB'07, BMEI'08 (PC co-chair), PAKDD'08, ICMLA'08, ADMA'08,DMFG'08, ADMA'09.

    Journal Referee:

                    IEEE Trans on Systems Man and Cybernetics.

                    IEEE Trans on Evolutionary Computation.

                    Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.

                    Journal of Bioinformatics.

                    BMC Systems Biology

                    BMC Bioinformatics

                    Journal of Neurocomputing

                    Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

                    Journal of Pattern Recognition.

                    Journal of Information Sciences.

                    Journal of Fuzzy Sets and Systems.

3. Membership:  IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, SMC.

4. Organization of Bioinformatics Seminars

·           18 Feb 2005, Dr Dawn Field (Oxford CEH), Environmental and Eco-Genomics: Challenges and Opportunities. School of Informatics, University of Bradford.

·          13 May 2005, Prof Jianfeng Feng (Warwick University), High Order Statistics in Neuro-Computation and Bioinformatics, School of Informatics, University of Bradford.

·          27 May 2005, Dr David Westhead (Leeds University), Predicting parasite pathways and protein interactions, School of Informatics, University of Bradford.

5. Databases for Bioinformatics Research:

·         Stanford univ Microarray Database (SMD)

·         NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus

·         Yale univ Microarray Database (YMD)

·         Princeton Univ Microarray Database

·         Kent Ridge Bio-Medical Data Sets

·         Melanoma Molecular Map Project

6. Microarray Bibliography

     DNA Microarray Introduction

     Gene Ontology

7. Machine Learning and Data Mining Conferences (another link, link2) and Journals.

8. Bioinformatics Workshops, Conferences and Journals (sources 1, source 2, source 3).

9. Bioinformatics Companies and Jobs

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